syllabus145W10 - for the final, then your final grades...

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Winter 2010, UCLA Department of Economics Economics 145: Topics in Mathematical Economics Instructor : Ichiro Obara Bunche 9381 E-mail: Web: Office Hour : Tuesday 1:00 ~ 3:00 or by appointment. Time and Location : Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00am ~ 10:15am, Pub Aff 01222 Recommended Textbook etc. : Market Design Useful website: Auction Ken Steiglitz, “Snipers, Shills, & Sharks: eBay and Human Behavior”, Princeton University 2007. Exam and Grades : Midterm: February 9, 2009 (in class). Final: TBA The final grade (letter grades) will be based on one midterm exam, 4 problem sets and one final exam. The formula to compute the final grade is 30% (max {Midterm exam, Final exam}) +30% (Problem sets) +40% (Final exam) For example, if your scores are 78/120 for the midterm, 33/40 for the problem sets, and 70/100
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Unformatted text preview: for the final, then your final grades would be computed as follows. 0.3(70/100) + 0.3(33/40) + 0.4(70/100) Course Description : Lecture. This course covers a variety of topics regarding exchange of discrete goods. In particular, we focus on the performance of different mechanisms and mechanism design problems in real life. Along the way, we also study some useful math such as linear programming. Prerequisite : Calculus, analysis, and probability. Outline : Market Design without Money 1. Room Assignment/House Allocation Problem 2. Kidney Exchange 3. Matching 4. College Admission Problem Market Design with Money (theory of Auction) 5. Second Price Auction Appendix, SSS 6. First Price Auction Appendix, SSS 7. Revenue Equivalence Appendix, SSS 8. Optimal Auction Appendix, SSS 9. Internet Auction 10. Assignment with Money...
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This note was uploaded on 04/25/2010 for the course ECON 145 taught by Professor Obara during the Winter '10 term at UCLA.

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syllabus145W10 - for the final, then your final grades...

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