Creation and Theodicy

Creation and Theodicy - Creation of the cosmos according to...

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Creation of the cosmos according to the doctrine of Heliopolis Quotes are taken from the Pyramid Texts and Coffin Texts 1. Before the moment of creation, nothing was in existence, was differentiated, or had structure. - Coffin Text 76 II, 4 …on the day that Atum came into existence in infinite space (= Heh-flood), in the inert waters (= Nun), in darkness, in disorder. (= 4 primeval elements) - Pyramid Texts, spell 571 before the sky existed, before the earth existed, before men existed, before the gods were born, before death existed. - Coffin Text 261 III, 382-83 I am he whom the Sole Lord made before two things had come into being on this earth. 2. Creation started with the autogenesis of Atum - Pyramid Texts, spell 600 O Atum, creator, You became high as the primeval mound, You arose as the Benben stone In the house of the Benu -bird in Heliopolis ( Iunu ). You spat ( ishesh ) out Shu, You coughed ( tef.en ) up Tefnut, You placed your arms around them as the arms of ka , So that your life force (= ka ) might be in them. - Coffin Text 335 IV, 186-88 I am Re in his first appearances, I am the great one, who came into being of himself ( kheper djesef ). - Coffin Text 80 II, 33-34 I was alone with the Primeval Ocean (= Nun), in the inertness, and could find no place to stand or to sit. Heliopolis had not yet been founded that I might dwell in it, my throne(?) had not yet been put together that I might sit on it; before I had made Nut that she might be above me, before the first generation had been born, before the Primeval Ennead had come into being,
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Creation and Theodicy - Creation of the cosmos according to...

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