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Handout_cult_and_ritual - Egyptian cult and ritual ANE 130...

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Egyptian cult and ritual – ANE 130 – February 17, 2010 1. The necessity of giving offerings: pJumilhac 17/17-21 [Description of the hill of Duwenaui :] Barley and emmer were there, (arising) from the outflow of the body parts of the god, to make the gods and goddesses live. Its name is “House of the Outflow”. They are there till this day without ever having disappeared from it. Whenever the bread offerings on its offering tables will be few, the same will happen in the entire land: life will be poor for the living. (However), when the bread offerings multiply in this place, there will be provisions in the entire land and every belly will be filled with the “Tree of Life” (= grain), because Anubis creates grain and makes the two lands live by giving offering to the gods and mortuary offerings to the spirits of the deceased. 2. The necessity of performing the rituals in the temple: pJumilhac 18/5-9 If one neglects all the rituals for Osiris at their (prescribed) moment in this district and all its
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