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Study Guide, Final Exam Egyptian religion, 2009 The final exam is a cumulative exam. This means that questions will be posed about the general principles of Egyptian religion, about the practice of Egyptian religion, and about the changes in religious thought during the New Kingdom. The exam will consist of definition questions and essay questions. As regards the latter, you will be asked to apply your knowledge and understanding of Egyptian religion to an illustration, an Egyptian text in translation, or an opinion expressed in one of the articles in the course reader. I advice you to read again carefully the translated texts that were given to you in handouts and to take another look at the slideshows. Temple cult s Which types of ritual were performed in the state temples? s When did processions develop into a religious institution? How did this affect temple architecture? s What were the major festivals in ancient Thebes, what was their function and what were the routes? s How is the shift from a focus on the dead king to a focus on state deities observable in the archeological record? The Priesthood s What is the Egyptian word for priest and what does it literally mean? s Which functions and roles did priests have in cult and society? s How was the priesthood organized? s Which classes of priests were there? s In which respects did Egyptian priests differ from modern-day rabbi, imam, vicar, or priest? s What were the requirements of the priestly office? s How did one get appointed to the priestly office? s
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Study_Guide_final_exam_2010 - Study Guide Final Exam...

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