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Study Guide, Midterm Egyptian religion, 2010 This study guide is meant to help you studying for the midterm exam. It gives you a general idea of what I consider to be important and what I expect you to know. It should not be used as a document listing questions that will be posed on the midterm. Study materials include the class lectures, online slideshows, articles in course reader and assignments discussed in the discussion session. The midterm will feature a combination of short essay questions, definitions, and matching exercises. Prepare for analyzing cosmographic vignettes, Egyptian texts in translation, and critical passages from articles in the course reader. You may also be asked to identify deities and to describe their functions and relations to other deities. As this is not a history course, you are not required to be intimately familiar with Egyptian history and names of pharaohs. However, you must be familiar with the relative chronology: unification around 3000 BCE, followed by Old Kingdom, then First intermediate Period, etc. You must also be able to situate major shifts and developments in time; for example, the shift to solar religion at the beginning of the Old Kingdom and the standardization of stone temple architecture in the course of the New Kingdom.
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