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The King and his cosmic role: the king as a sun priest The King praises Re at dawn, at his coming forth, as he (= Re) opens up his primordial egg and climbs to heaven as Khepri. He (= Re) enters at the mouth and comes forth from the thighs at his manifestations of the east of heaven, as his father Osiris raises him, as the arms of Heh and Hehet receive him, as he comes to rest in the Morning Bark. The king knows this secret speech which the eastern Spirits say, as they sing acclamations to Re, as he rises and appears in the horizon. The bolts open for him in the portals of the eastern horizon, so that he shall sail on the ways of the sky. He knows their secret images, their forms, their towns which are in the God’s Land. He knows the place where they stand at Re’s setting forth. He knows that speech which the crew says when they drag the bark of the Horizon
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Unformatted text preview: Dweller. He knows the manifestations of Re and his forms which are in the flood. He knows this secret portal, through which the great god comes forth. He knows he who is in the Morning Bark, the great leader in the Evening Bark. He knows your fields in the horizon, your courses which are in heaven. Re has placed the king in the land of the living forever and ever ( neheh and djet ), judging humankind and satisfying the gods, realizing Ma‘at and destroying Isfet. He (= the king) gives offerings to the gods ( netjer ) and mortuary offerings to the spirits of the blessed dead ( akh ). The name of the king is in heaven like Re. He lives in joy like Re-Horakhti, at seeing whom the patricians rejoice, for whom the folk make jubilations, in his form of Youth. [This text is] The Coming Forth of Re as Khepri Translation adapted from Richard Parkinson...
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