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Opening incantation of the funerary book Traversing Eternity O Osiris N! May your ba live in the sky with Re, May your ka be divine among the gods. May your corpse be in the duat with Osiris, May your mummy be glorified among the living. May your heir be prosperous upon earth with Geb, (so that) who sits upon your throne is among the living, While your name endures in the mouth of the living and the glorifications for you are continued upon earth, on account of this book of ‘Traversing Eternity’. You go out during the day and unite with the disk, while his radiance shines on your face. Your nostrils inhale the perfume of Shu, your nose breathes the breeze from the north. The breath of the wind, it opens your throat, so that life is united with your body. You open your mouth in speaking to the two gods, so that your sayings are effective among the akh spirits. You eat bread, you drink beer, so that your incarnation can go out as a living ba.
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translation_IntroTraversing_Eternity - Opening incantation...

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