Value of Intercultural Communication

Value of Intercultural Communication - Several years ago I...

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Value of Intercultural Communication 1 Value of Intercultural Communication in the Workplace
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Value of Intercultural Communication 2 Several years ago, I worked with a very intelligent, lovely young woman whose name myself and fellow coworkers could not pronounce, but called Katy, at her request. Katy had been born and raised in India, in New Delhi. Her father had moved the family to the United States when she was in her late teens so that her brother could attend school in America. Katy had obtained her business and economics degrees from the Arkansas State University. Although she could have lived alone if she had wanted, she still lived at home. She said she would live there until she married. Katy’s job involved researching changes in the economy for the bank she and I worked in, she was normally excellent at correctly guessing the economy’s effect on the loan production of the bank, and the interest rates it needed to charge customers. At that time, Frank Weiss headed the department she worked in, a man born and raised in Germany around World War II who had lived in the United States since the 1950s. Frank was very good at his job, but he was often viewed as cold or abrupt. People respected his talents but did not normally feel comfortable around him. He was known for being brisk, to the point, and as having the ability to dominate a conversation or intimidate people. One afternoon I remember Frank called Katy into his office to discuss her latest forecast. The economy had begun to turn down and although the media continued to say the economy was strong, Katy felt several trends in the economy pointed to the need to cutback on lending activity or raise interest rates to secure earnings for the bank. From the minute, she entered his office it was clear he was unhappy with the latest report she had authored and distributed to bank employees. He asked her why her conclusions were so different from that of the local newspaper
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Value of Intercultural Communication - Several years ago I...

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