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Unformatted text preview: Urbanization Environmental Science SCI/275 August 2, 2009 What is Urbanization? What • • • Relocate to cities and suburbs Relocate Population of cities increase Move from rural areas Challenges of Urbanization Challenges • • • • Suburban sprawl Suburban Air pollution Urban runoff Pollution control facilities Benefits of Urbanization Benefits • • • Reduce pollution Preserving rural areas Compact development The Bronx Center Project The • • • • Revitalization of 300 city blocks Create Jobs Public Transportation Open space for recreation facilities Institutionalizing CommunityInstitutionalizing Based Development Based Cote d’ Ivoire Cote • • • • • Employment Employment Poverty Poverty Environmental Degradation Street cleaning Street Garbage collection Urbanization Urbanization • • • • Benefits Benefits Challenges Impact Impact Knowledge References Berg, L. R., & Hager, M. C. (2007). Visualizing environmental science. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Most Clearing House Best Practices. (2008). Institutionalizing community-based development. Retrieved August 2, 2009, from http://www.unesco.org/most/africa17.htm Most Clearing House Best Practices . (2008). The Bronx Center Project - “don't move, improve” USA. Retrieved August 2, 2009, from http://www.unesco.org/most/usa1.htm ...
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