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The Human Genome Project - Should man govern nature This...

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The Human Genome Project 1 The Human Genome Project Utilizing Information In College Writing COM/125
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The Human Genome Project 2 Should man govern nature? This is a question that has been posed more often recently than ever before. Humans will soon know the secret to life and be able to use that secret in many different ways. This is all made possible by a nation-wide research effort called the Human Genome Project. The research will allow doctors to correct genetic disorders before children are born, eliminate the often-fatal problems associated with babies born prematurely, and to cure diseases such as AIDS. The problem with this project is not the doctors, scientists, and other researchers investigating the genes. They are out to help people and are not doing this to get rich. The problem is that insurance companies and governments are looking to save money by using genetic testing in discriminating and unethical ways. Collins, Morgan, & Patrinos (2003) discuss the history of the project from the beginning days to the final days, and what is to come after the project has ended. They discuss the “experiences” involved with the organization and management of the “complicated, publicly funded, international effort”. Also discussed is the belief that the project can lead to “future large-scale projects in biology”.
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