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Unformatted text preview: Geology of Yellowstone Caldera Caldera Geology SCI/245 May 3, 2009 Geological Features & Events Geological • Super Volcano • Earthquakes Geological Feature Geological • Yellowstone Lava Flow • Feldspar • Quartz Geologic Time Geologic • 2.1 million years old • Radiometric dating Geological Event Geological • Colossal volcanic eruption • Hot spot Weathering and Erosion Weathering • Rain • Wind Igneous Rocks Igneous • Discuss the relation of igneous rocks to your region. Sedimentary Rocks Sedimentary • Discuss the relation of sedimentary rocks to your region. Metamorphic Rocks Metamorphic • Discuss the relation of metamorphic rocks to your region. Water, Desert, and Glaciers Water, • Yellowstone Lake Resources Resources • Discuss resources that are abundant in the region. • Discuss the importance and economic value of this resource to the region or nation. Conclusion Conclusion • Conclude with why you chose the region and geological feature for this project. ...
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