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Unformatted text preview: Ethics and Moral Obligation Understanding Moral Obligation Understanding What is moral obligation? What Moral obligation is the value system that Moral individuals have for themselves and the value system they have towards others. Moral obligation is based on the values we hold as the basis of our existence, for example being honest, caring, loving, trustworthy, and ethical. loving, Is moral obligation possible in a pluralistic society? What allows moral obligation and ethical conduct to exist in society? Morality as Standard Morality We can call ethical conduct an orientation We towards a higher standard upon which we judge our actions and the actions of others judge Moral Obligation serves to protect the basic rights of human existence; The right to life and liberty The right to self-determination The right to property The right to work and earn a decent living The Theory of Moral Obligation The Acceptance of Moral Norms I am willing to stand by the high values upon am which moral obligation is founded which I expect these norms to stand as I abide by expect them, and they can be taken from me should I break them break My approval or disapproval of moral conduct is My secondary to fulfilling the established norms secondary A Moral Obligation Rule of Thumb Moral Biblical Golden Rule: do onto others as you Biblical would want done unto you. would Respect Privacy Understanding Concern Sympathy Aristotle and the Moral Imperative But to be happy, and to live the fine and divinelyhappy life, would seem to reside in three things above all…For some say that wisdom is the greatest good, others virtue, others pleasure… Taking note of these things, everyone who can live according to his own choice should adopt some goal for the fine life…an aim that he will have in view in all his actions. But, above all…he should settle in his own mind…in which human thing living well consists, and what those things are without which it cannot belong to human beings. Hume and the Moral Imperative The notion of morals implies some sentiment common to all mankind…and makes every man, or most men, agree in the same opinion or decision concerning it. It also implies some sentiment, so universal and comprehensive as to extend to all mankind, and render the actions and conduct…an object of applause or censure, according … with that rule of right which is established. Kant and the Moral Imperative What we call good must in every reasonable human being’s judgment be an object of the power of desire, and evil in everyone’s eyes be an object of loathing. Moral Obligation in Action Moral Understanding My Role My recognition and acceptance of the moral My code code Executing My Role My effectively applying the moral code in daily My life life Maintaining My Role Despite circumstances, I continue to observe Despite the moral code the Summary Summary The Creation of Moral Obligation People agree to fundamental principles based People upon a hierarchy of values upon The Living of Moral Obligation I accept those principles and agree to abide by accept them them The Necessity for Moral Obligation People with diverse life outlooks exist in a social People structure structure Reference Reference Moore, B. N. & Bruder, K. (2005). Philosophy: Moore, the power of ideas (6th ed.). Boston: the McGraw-hill Higher Education. McGraw-hill ...
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