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Employee Empowerment - When employee empowerment is used...

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Employee Empowerment 1 Employee Empowerment April 13, 2009
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Employee Empowerment 2 Employee Empowerment When employee empowerment is used within an organization, the organization will be helping the employees through new strategies and philosophies to make decisions. The decisions that are made using empowerment will be positive. This will enable the management team within an organization to train their employees to control their process of making decisions and responsibilities in the workplace. When an individual behaves, thinks, and acts in a way that is autonomous, they are using empowerment. Empowerment is being able to inspire an individual to have control of their destiny (Heathfield, 2009). Management is required to make the working environment one where the employees are able to be listened to, valued, and feel safe. When employees work in an environment where they feel valued, they will have the motivation to work together as a team to improve their work ethics as a team. When the employees of an organization have a working environment that is positive, they will have the feeling that they are a contribution factor to their organizations development and growth (Heathfield, 2009). When the strategy of a flat organization is used, employees will be motivated to be involved in every aspect of the organization. This strategy is one that enables the ability to work as a team, and to practice good decision-making. In order for a flat organization to be successful, they rely on the work teams and each individual to have the ability to empower on another. “In flat organization, decisions are made faster, entrepreneurial creativity of employees is released, and ideas are managed better” (Gates, n.d.).
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