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Diversity and its role within the airline

Diversity and its role within the airline - American...

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Short Title Goes Here 1 Diversity and its Role within the Airline American Airlines offers their employees 15 Employee Resource Groups. These groups show the different varieties of communities that can be found among American Airline’s diverse employee population. These groups not only offer their employees cultural guidance, but they also offer ideas that can be used to support the airline’s business initiatives. There are two members from each of the 15 groups, which serve on the airline’s council for diversity advisory (Kinkaid, 2008). American’s dedication to diversity leadership helps us to foster an environment where individuals’ experience and perspectives are valued and to ensure that customers and communities receive service delivered by committed, passionate people. This dedication also supports our ongoing program to identify minority, women, LGBT owned, and small businesses to be considered as potential business partners for American. (Kinkaid, 2008) Even though American has built on the company’s history of “marketing to key customer constituencies”, American Airlines has started two councils of advisory. One of these councils focuses on the female travelers, and the other council focuses on the “Lesbian/Gay/Bi- Sexual/Transgender (LGBT) travelers” (Kinkaid, 2008). American Airlines is known as the first
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