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Decisions in Paradise Part I

Decisions in Paradise Part I - The island of Kava is a...

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Decisions in Paradise 1 Decisions in Paradise, Part I Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making MGT/350
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Decisions in Paradise 2 Spirit Manufacturing is the provider of exercise equipment with 25 branches across the United States. Since its beginning in Jonesboro, Arkansas 10 years ago, Spirit Manufacturing has grown through development of new properties and expansions. Spirit Manufacturing is focused on building value and loyalty with the customers through the combination of excellent service, great products, and technology leadership. Spirit Manufacturing has a mission that is dedicated to help return prosperity once again to the inhabitants of Kava and to contribute to creating an economic environment that is viable which will encourage growth and strengthen the social services of the island. The specific plan of Spirit Manufacturing will be to bring in foreign investments for tourism and human resources, improve government and community organizational processes, and encourage ethical decision-making. In addition, Kava needs a consistent, successful business culture that will help them get through this tremulous time and thrive in the future. The island of Kava is a country in need of many things. The majority of people located in Kava are under the age of 15 years old. Kava is an ethnic melting pot of indigenous South
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