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Decade of Corporate Greed - Decade of Corporate Greed...

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Unformatted text preview: Decade of Corporate Greed Decade The American Experience Since 1945 The HIS/135 HIS/135 October 25, 2009 Introduction Introduction Reagonomics – What Is It? The Two Sides – What Do They Each The Believe? Believe? Social Composition-One Side Social Homelessness and Crime Increased Low Income housing Availability Decreased Jobs losses for unskilled or low-skilled Jobs workers workers Lack of health care Increased hunger Social Composition-The Other Side Social 18 million new jobs Unemployment down Social welfare payments increased Economic Composition Economic Corporate Contributions Increased Helped Economic Expansion Inflation and Interest Rates Were Low Economy Grew Political Composition Political Congress Not Following Budget Proposal Congress Over Spent Figures Inaccurately Show What Reagan Figures Wanted Affect On 1980s Political Climate Affect Left Side – Desperately Hated Reagan People – Fully Supported Reagan Division Among The Two Parties Conclusion Conclusion Positive And Negative Results Applied In Other Countries Not As Negative Socially As Initially Not Thought Thought Popular Worldwide References References A Bum Rap. (1991, February). Richmond Times-Dispatch, p. 14. Bum Retrieved October 25, 2009, from Business Dateline. Retrieved Herron, C., Wright, M., & Wright, C. (1983, February). The nation; sings of spring, notes of caution in the economy. New York Times of (Late Edition (east coast)), p. A.2. Retrieved October 25, 2009, (Late from Banking Information Source. ...
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