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Lawful Reasonable Justified Exam 1 Crit Issues chapters 1,2,3,9,19 Visions Chapters 1,3,22-23 Plus Lecture Material 60 Questions T/F Mulitple Choice EXAM REVIEW 1. Uniform Crime Report - provides nationwide crime data based on ”crimes known to police” and police arrests in 20 crime categories made by almost 17,000 city, county, and state law enforcement agencies. Total arrest made is calculated and divided into two parts. Part 1: murder rape etc Part 2- Narcotics and weapons 2. The national crime victimization survey - tries to get a true picture of what official documentation is missing, best for victims. They disclose to the extent to which specific crimes are not reported to the police and the reasons they give for not reporting them. 3.Hierarchy rule is all about- where multiple crimes are committed in a single incident only the most serious crime is reported to the UCR. 4. Know diff between part1 crime and part2 crime ? Part 1 Crime is –Murder, rape, robbery, aggrevated assault, burguraly, theft over $200, Auto theft and Arson. Part 1 don’t have to have an arrest or identify a suspect. Part 2- Narcotics, weapons. Is only accounted if a person has been arrested and convicted. 5. What is meant by unit of analysis when it comes to measuring crime? What is the unit of analysis? (Victims, people we catch) Why are we measuring it? (Accountability, research, trends, etc.) 6 . How effective are these crime measuring devices? Inconsistency in data submission (Underreporting), Clerical and Data processing problems ( both under and over reporting), Usually accidental but agencies can manipulate for funding.
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7. What are the two types of cost when it comes to criminal victimization? Monetary Cost- can be estimated by identifying the criminal justice system operating offender processing costs, i.e. police salary increase, prison upkeep, cost of trial, legal costs, property value, corrections budget, credit card fraud, direct loses from victimization, medical costs, violence and shelter cost ( real and tangible cost) HUMAN COST- refers to the lost lives and usused human potential, IE- the cost of peoples lives, distrust and psychological effects to victim, emotions, and the future POTENTIAL of human life lost. 8. What is the oldest Federal agency —United States Postal Inspectors 9. Which agency has widest juristicition -- FBI 10. What caused increase in number of federal enforcement agencies - Terrorist actions against the united states, especially those of 9/11 COMMUNITY POLICING—Chap 9—Doing the right thing for the community 11. Sentencing of Individ- involves difficult decision of the judges. Balancing justice
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Review - Lawful Reasonable Justified Exam 1 Crit Issues...

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