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continental philosophy essay - Continental Philosophy has...

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Continental Philosophy 1 Continental Philosophy Essay Introduction to Philosophy PHI/105 January 18, 2009
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Continental Philosophy 2 Continental Philosophy Continental Philosophy has a historical development that is based off of the ideas of the philosopher Hegel and his thinking of everything coming from an expression from the Absolute Spirit. The existentialism was seeking to break every limit of united thought as it related to the consciousness. Existentialist believe through honesty in the confrontation of the problems that exist with human existence, where life only can deteriorate and not having to struggle through these problems, individuals will not be able to find a meaning or value to life (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Soren Kierkegaard was one of the first existential philosophers that were in disagreement with Hegel. Kierkegaard believed an individual had a relationship that was direct with the absolute. This relationship was believed to be parallel in ethics with the norms of the universe. Kierkegaard disagreed with the ideals of Hegel in that the idea of the relationship with the universe before the absolute made individuals unethical. Kierkegaard was also in disagreement with Hegel’s system, he believed that the individual will should be thought about when one is making decisions that are important. Kierkegaard believed in what and how the individual
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continental philosophy essay - Continental Philosophy has...

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