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BUSINESS RESEARCH APPLICATIONS - This business research...

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Business Research 1 Business Research Applications
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Business Research 2 Business Research Applications Introduction This business research applications paper will be used to discuss the marketing tools that are used by Kmart, Target, and Wal-Mart. In addition, it will evaluate the three organization’s Web sites customer service. An important element that makes up an organizations Web site is the implementation of their tools used for marketing. There are fundamental elements to be considered when developing a Web page. These elements include assessing the needs of the organization, researching the organization’s audience, developing the Web site to reflect organizational reputation and character, and making sure there is an animation level, which is adequate. It is also important to include multimedia, as well as programming, a internet connection that is reliable, and to have a server, which is dependable. A organization that is successful will also continuously adapt to consumer needs, make their shopping cart simple, and use banners as a part of their tools for marketing. Each of these sites uses customer surveys to find out what is important to their customers. These surveys enable the organization to design Web sites that will attract consumers to the sites to increase the organization’s sales. Marketing Tools of Kmart To ensure the attraction of added traffic to the Web site, Kmart uses the marketing tools of banners, brand names, and email. Kmart.com (n.d.) stated, “The main points of marketing for Kmart are names like Jaclyn Smith, Joe Boxer, and Martha Stewart products that are offered for sale.” These product lines are the ones that Kmart has relied upon to provide credibility to their online Web sites. They also use these products to enhance their own product line (Kmart.com, n.d.).
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BUSINESS RESEARCH APPLICATIONS - This business research...

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