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Administrative agency presentation

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Unformatted text preview: Administrative Agency Presentation-Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Political, Legal, and Ethical Environments of Business MGT/255 October 4, 2009 The Purpose of the Agency • • • • • International Relations Types of Weaponry Treaty Compliance Treaty Negotiation Interagency Cooperation Power of Agency • • • • • Policy Leader New Arms Control Agreements New New Strategic Arms Agreements Disarmament Agreements Implements Existing Agreements The Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Reports to • • • State Department POTUS Through Secretary National Security Council Through National Secretary Secretary • Secretary of State • Under Secretary of State • Special Representative & Task Force How Legislative Power Comes to Play • • • • • • • • The Congress A Large and Complex Nation The Executive Power Delegation Delegation Congress’ Monitoring Function Congressional Committees Congressional Hearings...
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