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Cash Flow Analysis Worksheet Property Name Prepared For Prepared By Date Prepared Purchase Price Plus Acquisition Costs Plus Loan Fees/Costs Less Mortgages Equals Initial Investment Mortqaqe Data Cost Recoverv Data 1st Mortqaqe 2nd Mortqaqe lmDrovements Personal Prooertv Amount lnterest Rate Amortization Period Loan Term Payments/Year Periodic Payment Annual Debt Service Loan Fees/Costs Value C. R. Method UsefulLife In Service Date Future Sale Date Recaoture lnvestment Tax Credit ($$ or %) Taxable Income 1 PotentialRentallncome 2 - 3 = Effective Rentallncome 4 + Other Income (Collectable) 5 = Gross Operating Income 6 - Operating Expenses 7 = NET OPEMTING INCOME B - Interest - 1st Mortgage 9 -
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Unformatted text preview: - 2nd Mortgage 10 - Participation Payments 11 - Cost Remvery - lmprovements 12 - Cost Recovery- Personal Property 13 - Amortization of Loan Fees/Costs 14 - Leasing Commissions 15 = Real Estate Taxable lncome 16 Tax Liability (Savings) al o/o 1 7 1 8 1 9 20 21 22 23 24 NET OPEMTING INCOME (Line 7)- A n n u a l D e b t S e r v i c e- Participation Payments- Leasing Commissions- Funded Reserves = CASH FLOW BEFORE TAXES- Tax Liability (Savings) (Line 16) = CASH FLOW AFTER TAXES Cash Flow Copyright @ 2008 by the CGIM Institute The statements and figures herein, while not guaranteed, are secured from sources we believe authoritative,...
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