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Ch.1-Web Assignment-pg17 - 1 Internships 2 Contract...

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Chapter 1: Career Focus in Real Estate Robb Page 14-Jan-2010 FIN 497: Real Estate Principles Professor Clements Explore the Web – page 17. Visit http://www.hud.gov click on Programs link under Working with HUD . Explore the different housing programs available. Give a brief overview of five of the programs you find on this site. Overview The website has been updated since publication of the textbook, however, there are exactly five links available for work related opportunities listed on the new page:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Internships 2. Contract Position: Chief Procurement Officer 3. For Real Estate Brokers: interested in selling HUD Homes (they should contact Marketing and Management companies who service their local community for more info). 4. For Appraisers: interested in FHA Roster Appraiser training. 5. For Inspectors: seeking certification training related to HUD home inspections. See attachments for details. 1...
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