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Ch.14-Web Assignment-pg405 - as high as 56.69 for...

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Chapter 14: Effects of Time and Risk on Value Robb Page 16-Mar-2010 FIN 497: Real Estate Principles Professor Clements Explore the Web – page 405. 1. Visit http://www.realtyrates.com click on Free Survey Data. Scroll down to the information on the Developer Survey and click on Market Commentary . a. What kinds of returns are developers projecting on subdivisions and planned unit developments? As low as 10.72% for Site-Built Residential Units (less than 100 units) or
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Unformatted text preview: as high as 56.69% for Manufactured Housing (500+ units), with the average at 31% overall. b. How do these compare with the returns of condominium developments? • Currently the projections for subdivisions and PUD’s are higher than those for condominium developments. c. How do projected rates of return compare to historical returns? • Surprisingly close, with some projections missing by a point. See Attachment. 1...
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