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Ch.17-Web Assignment-pg481 - (for daily information and...

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Chapter 17: Sources of Commercial Debt and Equity Capital Robb Page 08-Apr-2010 FIN 497: Real Estate Principles Professor Clements Explore the Web – page 481. Visit http://www.nareit.com search for and download the latest REIT performance report. In 500 words or less analyze the recent performance of REITs and compare those returns to those realized on portfolios of stocks and bonds. NOTE: this website has changed since the book was written, and many of the reports are now subscription based. However, there are a few FREE online resources at REIT.com
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Unformatted text preview: (for daily information and index related performance tools) to browse, so I will use those resources in an attempt to answer the questions. a. Have the REITs outperformed stocks and bonds over the last 12 months? • Unable to ascertain from the website/materials available. b. Have equity, mortgage or hybrid REITs exhibited the strongest recent performance? • Equity REIT index shows the strongest performance to-date, whereas both Mortgage and Hybrid REIT indexes are underperforming (negative). See attachments. 1...
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  • Real Estate Investment Trust, Equity REIT Index, Commercial Debt and Equity Capital, latest REIT performance, Hybrid REIT indexes

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