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Robb Page 16-April-2010 Physical Science 303P Professor Law ERATOSTHENES, IS THE EARTH ROUND 1. Question: How can we determine the earth’s circumference? 2. Background Info: Knowing the 3. Assumptions: Sun’s position during equinox or 1. The earth is spherical. solstice, and measuring the cast 2. The Sun is far enough away shadows of vertical objects at that its rays strike the earth in local noon time, we apply parallel fashion. math principles to estimate the earth’s circumference…a feat achieved by Eratosthene’s around 240 BCE using a basic application of Euclidean geometry. 4. Hypothesis: By cast shadow angles and applying the correct equation we the circumference of the Earth. 5. Diagram (optional): Astronomical View & Shadow Angle…
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Eratosthenes, Is The Earth Round? 6. Independent Variable: Cast shadow of vertical object. 7. Dependent Variable: Shadow angle. 8. Controlled Variable: Sun’s zenith. PLAN of ACTION 9. Keywords (to research): Eratosthenes; Equinox; Solstice; Tropic of Cancer; Local Noon ( aka Sun Transit
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HW-Project-2_Eratosthenes - RobbPage 16-April- 2010...

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