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Robb Page 16-April-2010 Physical Science 303P Professor Law CARNOT, HEAT AND ENERGY 1. Question: What methodcan be used to determine the number of calories in one Spanish peanut? 2. Background Info: Food energy 3. Assumptions: can be measured by releasing the 1. As water absorbs heat, its temp stored bond energy with heat that rises. is transferred to water. One calorie is defined as the amount of heat Warning! This experiment should needed to raise the temperature of not be conducted if participants or 1g of water by 1°C. anyone in proximity has a known peanut allergy. 4. Hypothesis: Calories can be determined by measuring the mass of burnt food, the volume of water present, and any change in water temp. a) cal = (vol. H 2 O) (± T H 2 O) b) cal-per-gram* = ( H H 2 O) (mass loss of peanut) Note to symbols: ± T = change in temp; H = heat gained 5. Diagram (optional):
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Carnot, Heat and Energy 6. Independent Variable: Burning of the peanut.
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