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HW-Sec 1-Prob 20 - Robb Page 01-Mar-2010 Physics 140...

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Robb Page 01-Mar-2010 Physics 140 Professor Stoddard Chapter 1 – Problem 20 Ques. You’re using a wedge to split a log. You are hitting the wedge with a large hammer to drive it into the log. It takes a force of 2000N to push the wedge into the wood. If the wedge moves 0.2m into the log, how much work have you done on the wedge? First we must assume that I’ve already taken one strike against the wedge to set it in place, or that a useable fissure is present in the log allowing me to securely insert the wedge, whereby I don’t need the aid of someone to hold it steady for me. To get a clear understanding of the mechanics involved we will break down the question into relative parts and apply the appropriate definitions: a) my body, and, by extension of its potential use, the hammer, have the capacity to utilize energy, “hidden as potential energy ” (pg. 31), b) swinging of the hammer unleashes “ kinetic energy — the form of energy contained in an objects motion” (pg. 31), and c) the act itself, a.k.a. “the mechanical means for transferring energy known as
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