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HW-Sec 10-Prob 2 - 9 N ∙ m 2/C 2 = 0.0000391491144 N This...

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Robb Page 22-Mar-2010 Physics 140 Professor Stoddard Chapter 10 – Problem 2 Ques. If you separate the socks (as provided in Problem 1) until they are 5cm apart, what force will each sock exert on the other? This is solved using Coulomb’s Law for determining the magnitude of the electrostatic interaction: Force = k The answer from Problem 1 is applied to q1 and q2 respectively (for each sock). We are given 5cm as the distance (r 2 ) , therefore, we calculate the force as such: F = 8.988 x 10
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Unformatted text preview: 9 N ∙ m 2 /C 2 = 0.0000391491144 N This answer demonstrates that the forces have decreased…since the socks initially repelled each other with forces of 0.001N, as provided in Problem 1, and now have less of an electrostatic force, it is evident that the greater the distance, the less the forces that are being exerted. q 1 ∙ q 2 r 2 (3.3 x10-9 )C ∙ (3.3 x10-9 )C .05 2 m 5cm Electrostatic interaction F net : 0.000040 (3.3 x10-9 )C (3.3 x10-9 )C respective charges...
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