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HW-Sec 10-Prob 11 - Robb Page 15-Mar-2010 Physics 140...

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Robb Page 15-Mar-2010 Physics 140 Professor Stoddard Chapter 10 – Problem 11 Ques. If you place a 0.0001-C charge halfway between the terminals of a common 9-volt battery, 5mm apart, what force will that charge experience? This is a tricky problem, with necessary information missing. For example, no mention is made of how the charge is being conducted (i.e. part of a circuit). And in the absence of any type of connection running from terminal-to-terminal, it seems highly unlikely that there is any force whatsoever. Likewise, even if a charge were present without the aid of any conductor, it seems also unlikely that any static forces would be present to exert on either of the terminals other than a brief reorientation of the electrons being attracted/repelled by each respective terminal’s charge (if such an occurrence would even happen at that distance and at such a low charge). My initial inductive reasoning leads to a preliminary answer: Not Applicable or Zero Newtons .
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