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Robb Page 19-Apr-2010 Physics 140 Professor Stoddard Chapter 15 – Problem 1 Ques. Your camera has a 35mm focal length lens. When you take a photograph of a distant mountain, how far from that lens is the real image? This requires an understanding of three values: Object distance – which is the distance between the lens and the subject or object. Image distance – which is the distance between the lens and the real image it forms. Focal length – which relates the object distance and the image distance. This relationship is referred to as the Lens Equation , and essentially means “the farther away an
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Unformatted text preview: object is, the closer to the lens its image forms” (pg. 524). As an equation, it can written as such: = + According to the textbook, the image distance for a distant object is equal to the focal length of the lens (pg. 524). Therefore, a 35mm lens (for a traditional film camera*) is a small (wide-angle) lens, and the real image formed will be bright and small and equal to the focal length of 35mm. = – = = 35mm * Note, a 35mm digital lens is roughly equivalent to a 50mm traditional (“normal”) film lens. 1 focal length 1 object distance 1 image distance 1 i 1 f 1 o 1 35...
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