Pyrophosphokinase allosteric enzyme regulated by

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Unformatted text preview: ric enzyme regulated by biomolecules for which PRPP is a precursor) 8 A. α-ketoglutarate amino acids family 1 step 1 step 3 steps 8 steps Essential aa Reminder from last lecture! Formation of Glutamine from glutamate by glutamine synthetase (found in all organisms) Glutamate + NH4+ + ATP glutamine + ADP + Pi + H+ 9 Reminder from last lecture! Second reaction is catalyzed by glutamate synthetase (found in bacteria and plants) α-Ketoglutarate + glutamine + NADPH + H+ The net reaction with the previous one is: α-Ketoglutarate + NADPH + NH4++ ATP L-glutamate +NADP+ + ADP + Pi 2 glutamate + NADP+ In animals, there is no glutamate synthase Thus to maintain a high level of glutamate -> Transamination mechanism Formation of Pro In mammals Amino transferase 1. Kinase 2. Deshydrogenase Nonenzymatic Reductase 5 C are from glutamate. Pro is a cyclized derivative of Glu 10 Proline 5 6 Like in urea cycle Works in both directions 7 urea Arginase 8 H2O In mammals, Pro can be synthetized from Arg. If deficiency in Arg then GγSA can be conve...
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