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enzymes NOR 2010

enzymes NOR 2010 - Chemistry 142B/242B Biochemistry Meeting...

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Chemistry 142B/242B Biochemistry Meeting Time : MWF, 1:00 -1:50 PM, Chemistry 1171 Instructor : Dr Norbert Reich Office : Chemistry 1142D Office Hrs : M 3-5 PM Teaching Assistants : Adam Pollak and Aaron Prussin Reich laboratory, 1st floor Chemistry Text : Principles of Biochemistry , 5 th edition, Lehninger, Nelson & Cox Exams and Grading : There will be 2 closed-book midterm exams worth 25% each and a closed-book, comprehensive final exam worth 50% of the grade. Exam questions will focus primarily on material covered in the lectures and in the suggested problems for each chapter. There will be no make-up exams given for the midterms. Missing a midterm exam with giving of appropriate notice (physician s note or serious close family emergency) will result in proportionately greater weight placed on the final examination. Password for web site: enzymes Honors : Attend two seminars throughout the quarter and participate in five biweekly discussions on the science that led to the content in your text. Options for meeting times: Tuesday or Saturday Studying : Most students find this to be a challenging course, and the material forms a critical part of your professional education in Biochemistry. Keeping up with the reading, and working the problems at the end of the chapters, are essential. Additional suggested strategies: (i) read the relevant textbook material BEFORE the lecture is given; (ii) print out the annotated transparencies available on-line, and use them in note-taking during class; (iii) attend the pre-exam discussion sections run by Alexey, and make use of TA and professor office hours; (iv) synthesize your own ongoing outline of the material based on class notes, transparencies presented in class, and the textbook and use this outline to study from; (v) practice writing structures and pathways until they are routine. Final Exam : Thursday March 18, 4-7 pm.
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Syllabus Chapters 6 (Enzymes), 13-17 (Intermediate metabolism) and 19-21 (Oxidative phosphorylation, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism).
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enzymes NOR 2010 - Chemistry 142B/242B Biochemistry Meeting...

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