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POLS Ch 13 Web, S1 - Web Quiz Chapter 1 According to the...

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Web Quiz Chapter 1. According to the U.S. Constitution, the president is selected by the electoral college 2. President George W. Bush refused to turn over to Congress records of Vice President Cheney's secret energy task force meetings. He did so on the basis of executive privilege 3. Presidential high-level political appointments are a form of patronage a presidential management tool an institutional resource of presidential power All of the above 4. The powers of the presidency are outlined in ____________ of the U.S. Constitution. Article II 5. What did the framers mean to accomplish by the indirect election of the president? to make the president responsible to state and national legislatures 6. By the end of 2005, President Bush had issued about____ executive orders. 200 7. When Congress passes sweeping legislation, it often delegates significant power to the executive branch, which gives the president a great deal of discretion in the way the law is implemented 8. The ____________ was established by law in 1947 and is composed of the president; the vice president; the secretaries of state, defense, and the treasury; the attorney general; and other officials invited by the president. National Security Council 9. Historically, first spouses have served what role? ceremonial functions 10. In 1973, Congress passed the War Powers Act, which attempted to limit the president's use of troops in military action without congressional approval. 11. As a tool for achieving political goals, presidents have found party members to be unreliable. 12. A ____________ veto can occur when the president is presented a bill during the last ten
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POLS Ch 13 Web, S1 - Web Quiz Chapter 1 According to the...

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