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Lab report 7 - Optical Spectroscopy By Richard Salvagno Lab...

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Optical Spectroscopy By Richard Salvagno Lab Instructor: Michael Coleman October 19, 2009
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Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to observe emission spectra form a variety of sources using a spectrometer, to implement a procedure capable of determining the composition of a solution that contains two or more iconic salts, and to construct a partial energy-level diagram for hydrogen. Methods: The fluorescent light spectrum was observed first. Using the spectroscope, the colors of emitted wavelengths were observed and recorded. Afterwards, the spectrometer was held to the light source to determine and record the wavelengths of the emission spectra. The light bulbs in the ceiling of the laboratory were used as a source of fluorescent light. The same procedure was used to observe and record the emission spectra of incandescent light and helium light. The light sources were viewed using the spectroscope to determine wavelength color and through the spectrometer to determine wavelength. The incandescent source was an obtained light bulb and the helium source was a glass tube filled with helium gas attached to a voltage source. All other light sources were turned off during the observations to prevent other spectra from affecting the observations. Next, the spectra of five salt solutions were observed. Five small test tubes were half filled with the following solutions: sodium chloride, lithium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and strontium chloride. A clean, unused cotton swab was
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Lab report 7 - Optical Spectroscopy By Richard Salvagno Lab...

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