Lab Report 10 - The Spectrochemical Series By Richard...

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The Spectrochemical Series By Richard Salvagno Lab Instructor: Michael Coleman November 19, 2009
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Purpose: The purpose of this was to synthesize one of two unknown cobalt complexes, in the first week of the experiment. In the second week, the group was to purify the cobalt complex synthesized in week one and measure the wavelengths of maximum absorbance of five cobalt complexes: the cobalt complex synthesized by the group (B), the cobalt complex not synthesized by the group (A), and three other cobalt complexes (C, D, and E) provided by the instructor. Using the data and the spectrochemical series, each of the five cobalt complexes was to be identified. Procedures: -Week One- For the purification of cobalt complex B, 20 mL of acetone and a wash bottle of distilled water were chilled in an ice bath. Then about 4 g of ammonium chloride was mixed in 10 mL of distilled water and gently warmed on a hotplate until the solid was dissolved. The solution was carefully brought to a boil. Then 5 g of the provided cobalt salt was added to the boiling solution and stirred until the solid was dissolved. Next 0.3 g of activated charcoal was placed in a 150 mL beaker and the hot solution was added to this beaker. The mixture was stirred for several minutes and the contents were cooled in an ice-water bath. Once the solution was cooled, 15 mL of concentrated aqueous ammonia was added to the beaker. The solution was mixed well
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Lab Report 10 - The Spectrochemical Series By Richard...

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