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Richard Salvagno One current public issue of my interest is education. In my opinion, there is an issue with education in today’s society due to the difficulties many youths face. From poverty to pressures, many obstacles are in the way of young people. Adolescents are held to a high standard in terms of achieving an education. To simply obtain a high school degree will no longer suffice in the workplace if one wants to earn a manageable income. Instead, most people are expected to complete four years of college to find a job that makes enough earnings to support them comfortably. While a good percentage of graduates are able to continue onto college and succeed, there are also a large number of young people that do not achieve this. The question of why this group does not complete a college career can be answered by addressing the economic problems young people face. Poverty is one direct cause of not furthering one’s education. The costs associated with attending a college or university are astounding. Such expenses can exceed over
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