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Unformatted text preview: The first pillar of NHS is scholarship. Scholarship can be defined as knowledge resulting from study and research in a particular field. Those of you that are being inducted tonight have applied yourselves to scholarship and are being rewarded for doing so. However, many of us do not fit the stereotype of a scholar. I imagine a scholar as a well privileged, grey-haired old man who spent the majority of his time in a dark, secluded, silent, fire-lit dungeon, painstakingly filtering through the potentially erroneous works of others. The pursuit of scholarship is a much different experience for modern students, though. We sit in our messy, air conditioned rooms, with Sparknotes, Google search results, facebook, countless ringing AIM chat windows littered across our computer monitors, text messages, and iTunes blasting music to our stereo in the background, providing a symphony of sounds that would drive most adults crazy. Every weeknight is a journey, a journey filled with Shakespeare, LOLs, derivatives, OMGs, regression...
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