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The University of Rochester has many qualities that make it a perfect fit for myself. Initially I was drawn to the university due to its academic record. The wide array of subjects and the unique learning experience offered made the school very appealing to me. Furthermore, I have established a very high personal opinion of the University of Rochester. My aunt attended many years ago and a good friend of mine enrolled there only this autumn. Both had only positive feedback about the school, which only confirmed my thoughts that it was a university that stands above others. I know that if I am able to attend the University of Rochester, I will have no difficulties with adjusting to life there. If I attend the University of Rochester, I will bring with me the ideals and experiences
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Unformatted text preview: that I have acquired in my life to share with the people there. Although it may seem like an experience I wish to forget, I discovered the importance of learning independently this past summer. My friend and I took a leisurely ride on my jet ski that resulted in the two of us getting lost for several hours. It was when I realized that we were alone and I had to find my own way home that I was truly independent in learning. By navigating the river and using resources that were available, we were able to make it home safely. This extreme situation helped me realize how capable I am to learn on my own. At Rochester, I will hopefully be able to grow in that way and have a successful learning experience....
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