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Richard Salvagno Linked Stories Essay 2 Shoba and Shukumar Reconnect Jhumpa Lahiri’s collection of stories is no exception to the concept of placing importance behind the title of a work of literature. The title Interpreter of Maladies conveys the idea that the readers as well as the characters in the stories try to understand the difficulties that life brings. One instance is in the short story “A Temporary Matter.” Shoba and Shukumar rekindle their deteriorating relationship through the sharing of the death of their first child. Through their interpretation of this malady, the characters find solace from their loss. It is only when their electricity is turned off that the couple faces each other and the invisible wall that exists between them. That invisible wall was first constructed when their first child died during birth. With every day that passed since the death came another added brick to the partition that caused Shoba and Shukumar to talk less and interact infrequently. Shoba was constantly preoccupied with an assortment of activities and was rarely around her husband. She was either distracted with her exponentially increasing workload, off preparing food, or exercising at the gym. The simple act of greeting one another in the morning was even lost. “…Shoba was always gone by the time Shukumar woke up” (Lahiri 4). Shoba’s shortage of consideration for her husband demonstrated not only her lack of love for Shukumar, but her disrespect for him as well. The circumstances surrounding the loss of their child contributed to the present relationship shared by Shoba and Shukumar. Even though he was out of town and received Shoba’s blessing to go, Shukumar still felt lingering resentment from Shoba for
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not being there at the time of the death. He sensed that Shoba “blamed him for being in
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essay #2 - Richard Salvagno Linked Stories Essay 2 Shoba...

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