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Richard Salvagno Final Draft Essay #3 Linked Stories Ysrael’s Surgery In Junot Díaz’s Drown , the character of Ysrael provides an interesting story. Although he could be considered a minor character and has no direct connection to the main characters, Ysrael’s stories of “No Face” and “Ysrael” are detailed in order to tell his significant struggle. Ysrael’s disfigured face expelled him from society and placed him with a stigma that he coped with daily. In order to correct his deformity, Ysrael must have surgery in Canada, yet the likelihood of this happening is very low. Although he knows that he will not receive his surgery, Ysrael clings to the dream of one day being accepted by society. Ysrael’s kite serves as one of the first major symbols associated with his surgery. When Rafa and Yunior encounter Ysrael, he is flying the kite his father sent him from New York City. This kite is a symbol of the assistance Ysrael needs if his surgery is to ever take place. Like the kite, the surgery needed is from another country, Canada. Although it was in reach of Ysrael, the kite still flew high above him, much like the surgery’s chances. Due to the large cost of the surgery itself and flying internationally roundtrip, Ysrael must know that it is improbable that he will receive the surgery. Yet he held onto the dream of being healed, just like he held on to the kite string. The manner in which Ysrael controlled his kite reflects how badly he wanted the operation. “Ysrael spooled in his string. The kite wheeled but he righted it with a yank,” (Diaz 16). The way Ysrael pulled the kite closer to him and corrected its flight symbolizes the way he tried to correct his disfigured face. When the kite flies too far away or on to the wrong course, he
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sets it straight, just like when others doubt his chances of being fixed, he corrects them also. When Rafa became incredulous towards Ysrael’s surgery, Ysrael sets him straight. “Rafa sniggered. You’re lying. I saw them last spring. They want me to go next year,”
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Essay #3 - Richard Salvagno Final Draft Essay #3 Linked...

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