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Richard Salvagno Linked Stories Paper #4 “Disabilities Bring Moral Evaulation” Disabilities take away one’s senses. Whether that sense is sight, smell, hearing, or sense of control, being dealt a disability limits that person’s ability to interact with their surroundings. Throughout the collection of stories in Edwidge Danticat’s The Dew Breaker , characters become impaired in different ways. With their loss, however, fellow characters benefit within themselves. Witnessing their loss of power allows these second characters to reevaluate their perceptions on life and alter their morals. Through the loss of a character’s abilities, self-change is found. In final story “The Dew Breaker,” the preacher he arrested disables Ka’s father. When he is stabbed with a splintered piece of chair by the preacher, Ka’s father is given a scar that remains with him for the rest of his life. The scar serves as a disability in the sense that it limits Ka’s father from forgetting his past. That past involves the murder, torture, and inhumane treatment of prisoners connected to his title as a Tonton Macoute. Because the scar is so dominant on his face, the disability constantly reminds him of his horrible past. “Every time he looked in the mirror, he would have to confront this mark and remember him. Whenever people asked what happened to his face, he would have to tell a lie, a lie that would further remind him of the truth,” (Dandicat 227). From the scar, Ka’s father is continuously forced to recall the horrendous acts he carried out in his past life. Every time he is reminded of that past, he becomes ashamed and attempts to hide “the blunt, ropelike scar that runs from [his] right check down to the corner of his mouth,” (Dandicat 5). The fact that Ka’s father “never liked having his picture taken,”
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provides proof that he wants neither himself nor anyone else to see his past. The constant reminding that the scar provides forces Ka’s father to change his life for the better. After he receives the wound that caused the scar, Ka’s father abandons his role as a Macoute and eventually leads a new life in America. There is no more involvement with the Haitian government by Ka’s father from that point on. Yet even in his new life, he is still haunted by his past in the form of his scar. The disability presented by the scar forces Ka’s father to remember the sins of his past. From this remembrance, comes the
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