Essay 4 - Richard Salvagno English 1105 Haunted Houses...

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Richard Salvagno English 1105: Haunted Houses Essay 4 March 1, 2010 Words of Inspiration Sunni Patterson’s “We Know This Place” illustrates the idea of cultural building that Clyde Woods details in his article “Katrina’s World.” The idea that a community can use its traditions and practices to support its people in times of distress is discussed in Woods’ paper by description of the way the people of New Orleans came together using their jazz traditions in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Another example of the use of culture in times of anguish can be found in Patterson’s poem. She goes in to great detail to tell the struggle of the community in the Lower Ninth Ward following the destruction of Katrina. The residents of the area were left homeless, without food, and without any other form of help, yet the government was extremely delayed in coming to assist. In her poem, Patterson utilizes the tradition of poetry to express the turmoil of Katrina’s victims and to uplift them with encouragement in their time of abandonment. Her theme of encouragement transcends to Woods’ argument of the New Orleans area being able to persevere with the aid of ethnic tradition. Wood’s article highlights the racial and economical divides in the New Orleans area. Going back through the history of the modern coastal region, Woods recounts the movements of large “mass segregationist organization” (Woods 441) made by the white community in the mid 1950’s. This racially militarized movement to “suppress civil rights and expel Blacks from the region” (Woods 441) aimed to take action through the local government to remove African Americans from the racially torn district. This
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Essay 4 - Richard Salvagno English 1105 Haunted Houses...

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