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Unit1DB - B/c if they end up falling into a category of...

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Ashley Burch Unit 1 Discussion Board BUSN150-1001B-02 Why is personal jurisdiction an issue for those who post websites? This is an issue because there are laws that could What are some reasons that a website owner might be concerned with whether a court is able to obtain personal jurisdiction over him or her? They should be mainly concerned if they are soliciting business, furthermore they should be very clear to whether they are an interactive site or passive site. What is normally required for a court to have personal jurisdiction? An email address and/or toll free number. When is a court required to use long-arm jurisdiction? When a website goes beyond its jurisdiction. Why is long-arm jurisdiction an issue for those who create or post web pages?
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Unformatted text preview: B/c if they end up falling into a category of false services then charges could be bought against them. According to the Wolf article, the courts have imposed an "interactive-passive" test of jurisdiction. Explain that distinction. An interactive site is more of an ongoing business and a passive site provides information for a specific group of readers. According to the Wolf article, is advertising on the web alone enough to confer personal jurisdiction? Not according to the courts, if you are passively advertising but if you are interactively advertising then there could become a lot of issues down the line....
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