1412Exam2 - October 06 1.LAST Name 1st on Scantron 2 Turn...

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October 06 Chem 1412 _____________________ _____________________ Exam 2 1. LAST Name 1st on Scantron 2. Turn in Scantron Only READ DIRECTIONS ---------> 3. Do Not Erase Scantron 4. Bonus on Back of Scantron AS SHOWN MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1) Of the following substances, only __________ has London dispersion forces as its only intermolecular force. A) CH 3 OH B) CH 4 C) H 2 S D) NH 3 E) HCl 1) 2) Which one of the following exhibits dipole - dipole attraction between molecules? A) AsH 3 B) Cl 2 C) BCl 3 D) CO 2 E) XeF 4 2) 3) The predominant intermolecular force in (CH 3 ) 2 NH is __________. A) London dispersion forces B) ionic bonding C) hydrogen bonding D) ion - dipole forces E) dipole - dipole forces 3) 4) Which statements about viscosity are true? (i) Viscosity increases as temperature decreases. (ii) Viscosity increases as molecular weight increases. (iii) Viscosity increases as intermolecular forces increase. A) (i) only B) (i) and (iii) C) (ii) and (iii) D) none E) all 4) 5) The shape of a liquid's meniscus is determined by __________. A) the type of material the container is made of B) the relative magnitudes of cohesive forces in the liquid and adhesive forces between the liquid and its container C) the amount of hydrogen bonding in the liquid D) the viscosity of the liquid E) the volume of the liquid 5) 1
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6) The vapor pressure of a liquid __________. A) decreases linearly with increasing temperature
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1412Exam2 - October 06 1.LAST Name 1st on Scantron 2 Turn...

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