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©2009 Brightstorm, Inc. Commas, Semi-colons, & Colons We did an overview of the top comma and apostrophe rules tested on the ACT, but for students who want to study everything that will possibly appear on the test, here are some additional rules and topics that show up very infrequently. Commas: In addition to the comma rules we discussed, there are a couple more that appear infrequently on the ACT: 1. Use commas after first, second, and so on, when these words introduce a series. Example: Employees arrived in three ways: first, by bus; second, by car; third, on bicycle. 2. Use commas between two adjectives that modify the same noun. Example: The determined, creative musician was up all night composing a jazz piece. Semicolons: Appear only once or twice on the ACT 1. Use a semicolon (;) between independent clauses in a sentence (i.e., if each chunk of the sentence on either side of the semicolon could be a sentence on its own). This only applies if they are not joined by a coordinating (FANBOYS) conjunction. Example: The unemployment rate is rising rapidly; it is expected to peak this month.
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ACT_DG_E05_commascolonssemicolons - Commas, Semi-colons, &...

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