ACT_DG_E05_numbernounagreement - A. seem B. seems 6. The...

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© 2009 Brightstorm, Inc. Number-Noun Agreement Choose the correct word to fill in each blank. Check your answers when you’re done. 1. Do you think girls ________ a harder time with breakups than guys? A. has B. have 2. Everyone _________ some difficulty when it comes time for a relationship to end, I’d think. A. has B. have 3. The college has increased _______ enrollment by 13% over the last five years. A. its B. their 4. The Shakespearean troupe gave ___________ best performance on the second night of the festival. A. its B. their 5. Environmentalists are concerned that even with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices, the hole in the ozone layer still _________ to be expanding.
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Unformatted text preview: A. seem B. seems 6. The school established a new policy that everyone in the junior class _______ the SAT in the spring. A. take B. takes 7. Becky is the only one of the girls who ______ agreed to participate in the tutoring program. A. has B. have 8. Currently, one fourth of the student body _______________ from the program. A. benefit B. benefits 9. Neither Brent nor Madison ______ having a party next weekend is a good idea. A. think B. thinks 10. More than 500 books ______ been collected for the charity drive. A. has B. have © 2009 Brightstorm, Inc. ANSWER KEY 1. have 2. has 3. its 4. its 5. seems 6. takes 7. has 8. benefits 9. thinks 10. have...
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ACT_DG_E05_numbernounagreement - A. seem B. seems 6. The...

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