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©2009 Brightstorm, Inc. Parallelism Practice Choose the correct word(s) to fill in each blank. Check your answers when you’re done. 1. I enjoy photography, literature, and ________________________. A. music B. listening to music B. to listen to music 2. The article was written with three goals in mind: to inform, to entertain, and _____________________. A. persuade B. persuading C. to persuade 3. New York City is an amazing place to live, with its diverse population, non-stop action, and _______________________ A. for its rich art scene B. rich art scene C. because of its rich art scene 4. In order to foster more school spirit, we need to make Dress-Up Days more exciting, _____________________, and get faculty members in on the action. A. talk more to all students B. more talking to more students C. to talk to more students 5. The argument caused me to contact my dad for help __________________of a third party. A.
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ACT_DG_E05_parallelismpractice - Parallelism Practice...

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