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ACT_DG_E05_subjectverbagreement - A go B goes 7 Todd’s...

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©2009 Brightstorm, Inc. www.brightstorm.com Subject-verb Agreement Practice Choose the correct word to fill in each blank. Check your answers when you’re done. 1. Diet Coke and Mentos _____ a winning combination. A. are B. is 2. Everybody in our grade ___________ admitted to cutting class once or twice. A. has B. have 3. Zach and Roxanne _______ a great team to work with. A. are B. is 4. Neither of the two dresses ___________ really my style. A. are B. is 5. The group _______ eager to celebrate after a long week of production. A. are B. is 6. My thanks ______ out to everyone who was involved in this amazing experience.
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Unformatted text preview: A. go B. goes 7. Todd’s pants _________ on the floor until I picked them up. A. was B. were 8. Forty percent of the student body _____ in favor of revising the dress code. A. are B. is 9. The principal, along with other members of the school administration _____________ the ultimate decision. A. make B. makes 10. Neither of the girls ________________ to win tickets to the Bloc Party show, but they would both like to. A. expect B. expects ©2009 Brightstorm, Inc. www.brightstorm.com ANSWER KEY 1. are 2. has 3. are 4. is 5. is 6. go 7. were 8. is 9. makes 10. expects...
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