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Lecture: Precolumbian American Overview Beringia : Was originally solid aboveground land, connected 1500 BC nomads into America. Pleistocene age, last ice age, Wisconsin glaciation , bering strait – covers what once was beringia, megafauna : huge animals, mammoths mastodons and horses, overkill hypothesis – theory that people killed the megafauna because they had no resistance to the experienced hunters that came to americas, natural die-offs and extinction, extra-terrestrials – 1200BC comet hit American west and extincted animals, paleo Indians – came first means old ones came south, clovis points – spearhead found
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Unformatted text preview: at clovis sites from paleo indians, archaic period – lots of settlements which is new; well developed and complex, Cochise core area – home of the anasazi built homes into stones of area irrigated rivers, anasazi – evidence of corn cultivation 3500 BC, multiple migrations – spine of rockies and two other ways one west coast Chumash – got to California about 5000 years ago Mesoamerica – olmecs: most advanced civilization and predecessed aztecs and mayans had writing and calendar and sacrificed people so sun would rise each day mayans: greeks of new world Inca Empire...
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