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Yilan Shi MCD Bio 50 Professor: Dr. Meyer, TA: Kelley C. Bush versus Obama: Discrepancies on the Approach to Decision-Making Introduction: Each presidential inauguration has heralded new waves of policies concerning stem cell research. As our leaders continuously struggle with the ethical issues concerning this type of research, two recent presidents have revealed their thoughts and proposed plans of action. President George W. Bush made a televised speech to the nation on August 9, 2001 to announce his decision on the compromise policy regarding human embryo research. In March 9, 2009, Obama signed an executive order supporting the moderate policy for human embryo research. These two presidents hold different views concerning human embryo research due to their different views on the value of science in the United States and the greater world. An analysis of their viewpoints on the significance of science in society, the role of science in their decision- making process, and the relationship between science and maintaining ethical standards will reveal the fundamental reasons that prompted President Bush and Obama to adopt their respective policies, and help the public better understand the political atmosphere of human embryo research under their administrations. The basis used by our executive leaders to make and justify their decisions will impact everyone living in the United States. Specifically, how our leaders make create federal policies concerning stem cell research will impact not only a narrow sector of the academic world and a few patients, but the entire nation and even the world. President Bush bases his decisions heavily upon faith and belief systems, while President Obama bases his decisions by weighing the costs and benefits of scientific progress. These
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two national leaders’ differences in their approaches to decision-making and in the justifications for their decisions reveal their fundamentally opposing opinions concerning the role of science in society. Compare and Contrast: Bush and Obama are similar in their viewpoint that human embryos and embryonic stem cell research hold much potential for medical cures and that human reproductive cloning is not ethical. But they differ in that Bush believes science has inherent ethical issues and relies strongly on his faith to make decisions, while Obama believes science and sound ethics are compatible and uses the medical potential of stem cell research as the bases and justification to making decisions. Bush and Obama take a similar stance in acknowledging stem cell research’s
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ObamaBush_comparison_essay - Yilan Shi MCD Bio 50 Professor...

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